March 12, 2010

Paralympian Joe Howard: Sled Hockey

If you've never seen sled hockey played, check out this video.

via YouTube:

The U.S. Paralympic Sled Hockey Team knocks off Japan to win the Japan Para Ice Sledge Hockey Championships in Nagano City, Japan, in January 2010.

Then read about Joe Howard, a member of the US Paralympic Sled Hockey team, who will face South Korea on Saturday for their first game. Howard's about to skate in his fourth Paralympics - an unprecedented accomplishment.

“We’re counting on him,’’ said head coach Ray Maluta. “He’s got a terrific touch around the net - that’s something you can’t really teach. Joe has it - that touch around the goal. He’ll finish where one of your younger guys might panic. That’s probably one of his biggest assets. He’s a great competitor."

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