March 16, 2010

Paralympic Blog Posts RoundUp

Disability 101 : Paralympic Call for Equality

Audacity Magazine : Paralympics Deserve Equal Air Time

As the Paralympics Arrive, Canada Reflects on Better Disability Rights

The Paralympics, The Lesser Games

Closet Canuck: No special red mittens for 2010 Paralympics

Perspectives on Ability: Olympics/Paralympics combined...Why not?

Samantha's Mom: Paralympics: Impossible is Just Another Word

Bad Cripple: An Olympian Black Out

An Inclusion Plan for the Olympics and Paralympics

WildKat blog: What about the Paralympics?

The Paralympics: Challenging Social Media to Respond Where Traditional Medial Fails Athletes with Disabilities

Lehn Life: Pics from Paralympics

FWD/Forward Quick Hit: 2010 Paralympic Games

FWD/Forward Oh Canada: This Week in Canada & Disability

Wheelchair Sports Federation-Vancouver 2010 blog

Wheelchair Sports Federation

Wheelchair Pride

Interviews with Paralympians

Feel free to add links to blog posts about the Paralympics in the comments. I'll be adding links to posts about the Paralympics as I find them.


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