April 13, 2010

University of Alabama women's wheelchair basketball team wins national title; 2010 USA Men and Women's National Wheelchair Basketball teams selected

The University of Alabama women's wheelchair basketball team dominated their match against Illinois on Saturday to win 66-36.

A stand out performance by Janet McLachlin, who had 30 points, 13 rebounds and finished 15 of 20 earned praise from the coach, Brent Hardin. For a more complete analysis of the game, click here.

The University of Alabama is one of 12 universities in the U.S. that sponsors wheelchair athletics and is in its seventh season.

In other women's basketball news, Head Coach Dave Kiley picked his 12 members for the 2010 USA Women's National Wheelchair Basketball team. They are:

Mary Allison Milford
Jennifer Chew
Darlene Hunter
Stephanie Wheeler
Sarah Castle
Becca Murray
Christina Ripp
Desiree Miller
Andrea Woodson-Smith
Loraine Gonzales
Carlee Hoffman
Natalie Schneider

Alternates: Emily Hoskins Caitlin McDermott Gail Gaeng Patty Cisneros

The 2010 Men's National Wheelchair Basketball team was also selected:

Nelms, Jason
Gugliotta, Joeseph
Pennie, Jermell
Counts, Jacob
Paye, Michael
Serio, Steve
Bell, Brian
Schulte, Paul
Scott, Matt
Lade, Jeremy
Chambers, Joseph
Jenifer, Trevon
Hinze, Nathan
Lesperance, Matthew
Lynch, Ian
Mazzi, Jaime
Barber, Eric
Waller, William

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